Generating Electricity Concepts


Engineering Studies – P2 Product Engineering – Electricity

This topic covers electrical generating devices.  The concepts and components of electro/mechanical generators are the key concepts for this topic.

Key Concepts

  • Magnetic induction
  • Components of a generator
  • Methods of rotating generator shafts
  • Alternators

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe magnetic induction?
  2. Explain how magnetic generation is practically applied to generate electricity.
  3. What are the components of an electrical generator?
  4. What is an alternator and what is an application of an alternator?
  5. What is electrical torque?
  6. What methods might be used to spin the generator shaft?
  7. What is the difference between a dynamo and an alternator?



Generating electricity using an alternator or a dynamo. FuseSchool