iSTEM Elective Module 5 Aerodynamics – Aerodynamics principles


Students Learn About

  • dynamic, static friction
  • lift/drag ratios
  • lift, drag, weight, thrust
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • flight

Students Learn To

  • explain aerodynamic principles
  • describe the effects of lift, drag, weight and thrust
  • design, construct or simulate solutions to problems related to friction
  • construct models for the purpose of solving aerodynamic problems
  • describe how Finite Element Analysis is applied aerodynamic systems


Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 999 KB
In this lecture document from the Institute of Applied Mathematics from the University of Dortmund, students can gain a strong understanding of the concept of Computational Fluid Dynamics.


The forces of flight - Mr David Jackson.
Lift and Wings - the concepts explained.