Hydraulic Systems


Engineering Studies – H3  Aeronautical Engineering – Mechanical Analysis

This topic covers hydraulic systems. Their concepts, applications, advantages and disadvantages. The forces in simple systems are calculated.

Key Concepts

  • Hydraulics system principles – applications and calculations
  • Fluid mechanics principles – pressure calculations

Discussion Questions

  1. Why are hydraulic systems used in aeronautical engineering?
  2. List applications of hydraulic systems in aeronautical situations.
  3. Define Pascal’s principle?
  4. What is the formula for pressure?
  5. What are the two formulas commonly used to calculate area?
  6. What does ‘fly-by-wire’ refer to?
  7. What is hydrostatic pressure and dynamic pressure?
  8. Explain how ‘pressure’ is used in an aircraft instrument such as an altimeter or pitot tube.
  9. Explain what the term ‘venturi effect’ describes.




721 V1 Hydraulics Introduction - Mr David Jackson
721 V2 Hydraulics Examples - Mr David Jackson