iSTEM Elective Module 12 Design for Space – Module Overview


The Design for Space module is an elective of the iSTEM course. For the 200 hour iSTEM course, students must complete 150 hours of electivities over the two years and 50 hours of the core. Each iSTEM elective, including Design for Space, represent 25 hours of indicative study and therefore students must complete 6 electives over the two years. Schools are encouraged to take a ‘Unit of Work’ approach and combine electives and core units to make the most out of project, problem and inquiry based learning approaches.

In the Design for Space elective teachers select one or more related areas as a theme for an introduction to STEM concepts related to Space. Possible examples include: Create for Space, Mars vs plants, Bottle Rocket Challenge, Deep Space Program, Mars Rover, Lego, PLC’s, Arduino, etc. Students will develop skills and understanding of space, technology, electronics and coding. In this module students will utilise inquiry and /or problem based learning strategies to design & develop solutions to problems associated with space.

To complete the Design for Space Elective you need to complete the following areas of study;

Design for Space