iSTEM Core Module 1 STEM Fundamentals 1 – The use of STEM in developing solutions to problems


Students Learn About

  • hardware
  • software

Students Learn To

  • describe a range of technologies used to collect, organise and analyse data
  • use a variety of technologies which assist in investigations into engineered solutions
  • utilise various hardware and software technologies to solve a broad range of STEM based problems

In this unit students learn about hardware and software solutions to problems in society. Teachers can take a variety of approaches to meeting the outcomes of this unit.

STEM Learning Activities

Suggested Activity 1: Open P-Tech Cyber Security Online Course

Interested in learning more about what it takes to work in a cutting-edge technology career? Open P-TECH is a great place to start your career exploration and begin building skills that will help you become well-positioned for a fulfilling career!

Cybersecurity tools and techniques help protect all the sensitive information stored and shared online and on computers. In this online course learn how cybersecurity professionals defend against bad actors and other threats, while gaining skills and insights into the world of digital security!

Click the button below to register for the free online Cyber Security course courtesy of our partners at Open P-Tech

Suggested Activity 2: IBM Cyber Security Toolbox

Learn how to exercise healthy habits involving cyber security safety through our collection of videos, stories, and resources available from this website. Have you been up to date on how to protect yourself and your devices? Test your students cybersecurity know-how in there online quiz.

Click the button below to open the Cyber Security Toolbox courtesy of our partners at IBM

Suggested Activity 3: Schools Cyber Security Challenge

Schools Cyber Security Challenge logoThe Schools Cyber Security Challenges are designed to provide high school teachers with resources to support the teaching of cyber security concepts, and to inform students of career opportunities in the field. The Challenges are classroom ready, and aligned with both the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and the ICT Capability.


The Schools Cyber Security Challenges have been developed by the Australian Computing Academy at the University of Sydney, in partnership with AustCyber, ASD/ACSC, ANZ, BT, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, and Westpac Bank.

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Alphabet's Project Wing is delivering hot coffee and food, hardware supplies and pharmaceutical items via drone near Australia’s capital. Some residents say it’s the future, while others want the drones to shut up.