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In this resource page supports the Ampcontrol Emergency Ventilator unit of work which supports the iSTEM Biomedical Innovation module. This resource has a full 10 week program a student workbook and is supported by industry developed video resources.
Sample Stage 5 iSTEM Assessment Task and associated materials as produced by Ian Preston from the Murrumbidgee Academy of STEM Excellence.
Engineering Studies - H4 Telecommunications - Practical Activities 890 - This section contains classroom practical challenges that enhance the learning of engineering concepts. The challenges link to Engineering Studies outcome. Truss analysis Specialised test equipment Fibre optics Semiconductors Electromagnetic spectrum Modulation Data management/encryption/compression Digital logic
Since its inception in 2012 there has been over 320 schools across NSW that have received NESA endorsement to run iSTEM. It is estimated that over 10,000 NSW students are currently undertaking iSTEM instruction in State, Independent and Catholic schools across NSW, including 22 all girl schools. Between 2014 – 2020 over 8,000 students have received a Record of School […]
Engineering Studies - H1 Civil Engineering - The Engineering Profession 514 - This topic outlines the historical development of civil engineering. It uses Australian examples to highlight innovation and achievement. An understanding of the positive impacts that engineering has on people’s lives is a key concept for this topic.
In this resource students learn various drawing techniques that will allow them to be able to effectively communicate their designs.
Engineering Studies - H3 Aeronautical Engineering - The Engineering Profession 712 - This topic outlines historical development of aeronautics and the impacts those products have had on society. Innovation in materials and manufacturing are key concepts of this topic.
Race the Sun – Sample Unit of Work The following Unit of Work was developed as a collaboration with the STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program and teachers from the Cessnock Academy of STEM Excellence. It is an 8 week cross-curriculum unit to be delivered one and half to two hours per week. The Unit of Work document is available […]
Over the past few years Engineers Australia has worked with Engineering Studies teachers in the Newcastle area to develop an understanding of the needs of these teachers in the effective delivery of the Engineering Studies curriculum. We created a pilot program where we hosted a seminar/workshop/networking style forum in weeks 3 and 7 of each term that focuses on modules in […]
The CO2 Dragster resource page is a collaboration of dragster resources from many different sources to assist teachers to run a Dragster competition as part of their STEM curriculum.

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