Composite Material


Engineering Studies – P1 Fundamental Engineering  –  Materials and Manufacturing

This topic introduces composite material types and applications. Concepts include identifying potential advantages of composites and explaining manufacturing methods used with composites. Composites in categories of polymers, metals and ceramics are key concepts in this topic.

Key Concepts

  • Types of composite materials
  • The potential advantages of composite materials over metals, polymers and ceramics.
  • The structure, properties and application of composites in engineering applications.
  • Industrial mechanisms for producing items from various composites.
  • Laminated beams

Discussion Questions

  1. Define a Composite Material and describe its matrix and reinforcement.
  2. Why is concrete often reinforced with steel rods?
  3. Explain features of composite wood such as plywood and laminated beams.
  4. Explain features of reinforced polymer, such as fibre-reinforced polymer or fiberglass.
  5. Explain features of ceramic matrix composites (composite ceramic and metal matrices).
  6. Explain features of metal matrix composites.
  7. What is the process of making an object using glass reinforced polymer ?


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