Communication with Graphics


Engineering Studies – P1 Fundamental Engineering  –  Graphics

This topic covers the purpose and importance of graphics in engineering. Pictorial and orthogonal drawing methods, identifying advantages of various styles, the importance of AS1100 standards and applications of modern software for graphics are all key concepts for this topic.

Key Concepts

  • Understanding the purpose and importance of graphics in engineering
  • Recognition of both pictorial and orthogonal types of drawing
  • Applications of graphics

Discussion Questions

  • What are the purposes of graphics and who uses it?
  • Explain situations where a graphic would be the best way to communicate.
  • What is the difference between technical sketching, instrument drawing and Computer Aided Drawing?
  • Explain the difference between an orthogonal drawing and a pictorial drawing.
  • Where are the ‘rules’ for technical communication documented?
  • Explain AS1100 and understand the relevance of Australian Drawing Standards.
  • Discuss emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


Why Technical Drawing? Mr Glenn Lawrence - 141 V1