The History and Impact of Braking Systems


Engineering Studies – P3 Braking Systems – The Engineering Profession

This topic introduces the history of engineering in the area of braking systems.
Examples of innovation in engineering are identified and discussed, along with the impact these developments have had on people’s lives.  Examples could highlight developments in the use of materials, manufacturing methods, technology such as CAD, testing procedures and applied technologies such as ABS.

Key Concepts

  • Changes in material use in braking systems
  • Changes in manufacturing techniques
  • Technology changes introduced to braking systems
  • Knowledge and understanding of the impacts braking technology developments have had on people’s lives.

Discussion Questions

  1. List impacts on people’s lives achieved by advances in braking technologies used in:
    • private passenger vehicles
    • heavy transport vehicles.
  2. Discuss the effect that braking technology has had on:
    • safety and health
    • the environment.
  3. Discuss examples of recycling and sustainability in braking technology.
  4. Discuss an innovation in material application in braking technology.
  5. Discuss an innovation in manufacturing techniques used in braking technology.


History of Braking - US Auto - YouTube
Mr John Rochford - Youtube video for the Braking Systems module
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