Hydraulics and Pneumatic Systems – Braking Systems


Engineering Studies – P3 Braking Systems – Mechanical Analysis

This topic covers the concepts applied in hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems. Applications, advantages and disadvantages of both systems are explained. The forces in simple systems are calculated.

Key Concepts

  1. Hydraulic system principles
  2. Pneumatic system principles

Discussion Questions

  1. Why are hydraulic systems important in engineering?
  2. List applications of hydraulic systems in engineering.
  3. Why are pneumatic systems important in engineering?
  4. List applications of pneumatic systems in engineering.
  5. What is ‘Pascals’ principle?
  6. What is used as the ‘fluid’ in pneumatic systems?
  7. Compare the pressure typically used in hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems.
  8. Explain the advantages of both hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Historical steam supply, Sydney  –  Drum brake


Brake/master cylinder vacuum assist


The Sydney CBD Hydraulic System 4 MB
A two part engineering investigation of the Sydney Central Business District hydraulic system. Mr John Gibson.


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