The History and Impacts of Civil Engineering


Engineering Studies – H1 Civil Engineering – The Engineering Profession

This topic outlines the historical development of civil engineering. It uses Australian examples to highlight innovation and achievement. An understanding of the positive impacts that engineering has on people’s lives is a key concept for this topic.

Key Concepts

  • Recognising Australian engineering achievement and innovation
  • Recognise developments in material, communication and manufacturing technology
  • Knowledge and understanding of the positive impact’s engineering developments have on people’s lives

Discussion Questions


  1. Name and describe examples of Australian engineering achievement.
  2. Explain how the design, manufacturing and testing have developed to optimise the structures.
  3. Discuss examples of technology now used when designing structures.
  4. Name an innovation that has been introduced into a structure and explain the impact of that innovation.
  5. Discuss developments in the technical graphics and communication.
  6. Detail particular materials applied in a current product that would not have been available to the engineer 30 years ago.
  7. Discuss an innovation in manufacturing techniques used to produce civil structures.
  8. Nominate technologies present in modern structures that were not present 30 years ago.


  1. List significant impacts on people’s lives achieved in Australia by civil engineering projects in areas such as:
    • Transport
    • Electricity supply
    • Water supply
    • Buildings
    • Health
  2. Discuss the effect that civil engineering has had on:
    • Communication
    • Safety
    • The Environment
  3. Discuss examples of recycling and sustainability in civil structures