The Engineering Profession – Transport


Engineering Studies – H2 Transport Engineering – The Engineering Profession

The key concepts of this topic are the roles and responsibilities of engineers working in transport and electrical engineering.

Key Concepts

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The engineering design process.
  • Teamwork in engineering.

Electrical Engineer / Transport Engineer

  • The nature and range of work that an electrical engineer would perform.
  • Engineering research, documentation and communication.
  • Emerging trends in the electrical engineering profession.

Discussion Questions

Electrical Engineering

  1. What are the roles of an electrical engineer before, during and after a project?
  2. Discuss how engineers might collect data for a project.
  3. How might data be presented?
  4. Describe how engineers use the design process to develop engineering solutions.
  5. Discuss examples that highlight why teamwork is important in engineering.


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