The History and Impacts of Australian Transport Engineering


Engineering Studies – H2 Transport Engineering – The Engineering Profession

The key concepts of this topic are significant achievements of Australian engineering and the positive impacts of transport engineering.

Key Concepts

  • Recognizing Australian Engineering achievement and innovation
  • Recognize developments in material, communication and manufacturing technology.
  • The effects of the transport industry on peoples lives and the environment.
  • Examples of engineering innovation in the transport industry.

Discussion Questions


  • Name and describe examples of Australian engineering achievement in the transport industry.
  • Explain how the engineering of transport systems has developed from existing designs.
  • Detail particular materials applied in a current product that would not have been available to the engineer 30 years ago.
  • Nominate technologies present in modern transport industry products that were not present 30 years ago.


  • Discuss the impacts that the transport industry has had on people’s lives.
  • Discuss examples of product recycling and sustainability in the transport industry.
  • Discuss an innovation in material application in a transport product.
  • Describe an example of an innovation in transport packaging.
  • Nominate future trends in the transport industry.


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