Graphics – line types, sectioning standards, dimensioning features, exploded drawings


Engineering Studies – H2 Transport Engineering – Graphics

This topic covers orthogonal sectioned views, AS1100 standards for specific features of objects, assembly and exploded view rules and applications and auxiliary views.

Key Concepts

  • Sectioning of orthogonals
  • Dimensioning specific features
  • Assembling protocols
  • Exploding drawings
  • Line types and applications
  • View positioning – projection and additional views

Discussion Questions

  • How are these features dimensioned?
    • chamfered corners
    • pitch circle diameters
    • springs
    • flat surfaces / spot faces
    • depth of holes
    • thread types
    • counterbores
  • What is the purpose of sectioning drawing views?
  • Why are AS1100 standards required?
  • What is the purpose of an exploded drawing?
  • What additional projected views can be drawn and when are they used?