Electric Motors


Engineering Studies – H2 Transport Engineering – Electricity

This topic covers the electrical concepts that are the basis of electrical motors. Key concepts include electro-magnetism, inductance, the components of an electric motor and specific applications for electric motor types.

Key Concepts

  • Explain how electric motor turn electrical current into rotational motion
  • Inductance and electro-magnetism
  • Electric motor types and applications
  • Electric motor control

Discussion Questions

    1. Discuss how an electrical motor transforms electrical energy into rotational movement.
    2. What is an electro-magnet?
    3. Discuss ways of controlling electric motors.
    4. Describe electrical motor types.
    5. What are the major components of an electric motor?
    6. What electrical safety precautions are designed into electrical motors?
    7. What is electrical inductance?
    8. What is an electric phase in terms of single and three phase motors?
    9. Discuss applications for electric motors.



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