Practical Activities for Aeronautical Engineering


Engineering Studies – H3 Aeronautical Engineering – Practical Activities

This section contains classroom practical challenges that enhance the learning of engineering concepts. The challenges link to Engineering Studies outcome.

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Bending stress
  • Mechanics of flight
  • Aircraft propulsion
  • Polymers and Composites

Suggested short practical activities include:

  • Straw Rocket

A drinking Straw Rocket is an excellent opportunity for students to practice the engineering design process. This activity creates a rocket that can be launched from a drinking straw. They are then challenged to modify the design to see how the changes impact the rocket performance. Length, fin shape or angle can be changed–one variable at a time–to see how the rocket launch performs, and compares to the control design.  Students record data develop an engineering report.

Straw Rockets

  • Mars Helicopter

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, launching in July 2020, will carry the first helicopter to the surface of Mars! This
helicopter has to be super lightweight to fly on Mars. It also needs large blades that can rotate really fast so it can
generate enough lift to overcome the gravity of the Red Planet and lift off the ground.
In this project, you will build a paper helicopter. Then, just as NASA engineers had to try out different versions of
the Mars helicopter before coming up with a final design, you will experiment with the design of your helicopter to
see what works best. Students record data develop an engineering report.

Paper helicopter Template and Instructions


  • Round-the-Pole- electric powered aircraft

Design simple models that demonstrate aircraft control surfaces and electrical circuits.


  • Windmill Practical

Work with propeller designs. Best solution for power or speed. Short 5 blade? Long 2 blade?

The Solar Fan  The Windmill generator

Link to more information:

Link to PDF document:   DIY Wind (1)


  • Drones

Practical aeronautics – drone flying.

DJI – Link to more information – Drone Tello

“With up to 100 meters of range, the Tello is the ultimate first drone, featuring advance stabilisation technology and a 5mp camera. We set out to build the most fun drone ever, and we came up with Tello: an impressive little drone for kids and adults that’s a blast to fly and helps users learn about drones with coding education. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying can be!'” 


Power Anchor video
Power Anchor