Graphics – applications, sectioning, threads, auxiliary views


Engineering Studies – H3 Aeronautical Engineering – Graphics

This topic reviews the graphical methods of representing objects in both pictorial and orthogonal views. It covers freehand techniques, scaled orthogonal drawings, and applying Australian Standards AS1100.

Key Concepts

  • Graphical communication using orthogonal projection
  • The importance of Australian Standards AS1100 for graphics, including:
    • Sectioning and section line types
    • Threads representation in a sectioned drawing
    • Projection of auxiliary views
  • Applications of graphics including AR, VR and CAM

Discussion Questions

  1. What are applications for using graphics as a communication tool?
  2. Name examples of AS1100 standards that apply to:
    1. An orthogonal drawing?
    2. A pictorial drawing?
  3. Why is freehand sketching with ‘to scale’ proportions important and in what ways does an engineer use freehand sketching?