The History and Impacts of Telecommunication Engineering


Engineering Studies – H4 Telecommunication Engineering – The Engineering Profession

The key concepts of this topic are the roles and responsibilities of engineers working in transport and electrical engineering.

This topic outlines historical development of telecommunication products and the impacts those products have had on society. Innovation in manufacturing and the recycling of materials are key concepts of this topic.

Key Concepts

  • The development of technology
  • Applications of communications technologies
  • The impact of telecommunication development on people’s lives
  • Recycling and sustainability
  • Innovation in materials and manufacturing

Discussion Questions


  1. Discuss the stages of the development of telecommunications.
  2. Consider one specific telecommunication device and discuss its development.
  3. What are significant milestones in the historical development of telecommunication using wires as the medium?
  4. What are significant milestones in the development of telecommunications using the atmosphere as the long-distance medium?
  5. Describe components of a telecommunication system.
  6. Discuss the history of television broadcasting.
  7. Discuss the history of radio broadcasting.


  1. Discuss the impacts that telecommunication development has had on people’s lives.
  2. Discuss examples of telecommunication product recycling and sustainability.
  3. Discuss an innovation in material application in a telecommunication product.
  4. Discuss an innovation in manufacturing techniques used to produce telecommunication products.



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