Digital Logic, Gates and Sensors


Engineering Studies – H4 Telecommunication Engineering – Electricity

This topic investigates the operation and use of input sensors and the methods of using logic gates to control outputs/systems. Digital logic and truth tables are key concepts.

Key Concepts

  • Control systems
  • Input sensors
  • Digital logic concepts
  • Gate types
  • Truth tables

Discussion Questions

  1. What is a control system?
  2. What are examples of input sensors?
  3. Explain the term ‘input’ and ‘output’ in a logic gate.
  4. What is meant by digital logic?
  5. What are the possible outputs of a simple logic gate?
  6. How could a logic gate be used for counting?
  7. How could a logic gate be used for memory?
  8. What are the basic types of logic gate available?
  9. What is a truth table?