Engineers Australia – Engineering Studies Teacher Webinar Series


Over the past few years Engineers Australia has worked with Engineering Studies teachers in the Newcastle area to develop an understanding of the needs of these teachers in the effective delivery of the Engineering Studies curriculum.

We created a pilot program where we hosted a seminar/workshop/networking style forum in weeks 3 and 7 of each term that focuses on modules in the current year 11 and 12 syllabus providing current industry information as well as practical application of aspects of engineering.

Resources have now been developed in collaboration with the Engineering Studies teachers for use by the teachers. Teachers attend one and a half hour sessions twice per school term (face to face or webinar) to develop and improved understanding and appreciation of the field of engineering included in the resource materials.

Year 12 HSC Module PD Sessions Video Recordings

Civil Structures

Civil Structures 2018

Civil Structures 2019

Civil Structures 2020

Personal and Public Transport

Personal and public transport 2018

Personal and public transport 2019

Personal and public transport 2020

Telecommunications Engineering

Telecommunications engineering 2018

Telecommunications engineering 2019

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering 2018

Aeronautical engineering 2019

Year 11 Preliminary Module PD Sessions Video Recordings

Engineering Fundamentals

Engineering Fundamentals 2017

Engineering Fundamentals 2018

Engineering Fundamentals 2019

Engineering Fundamentals 2020

Engineering Products

Engineering Products 2017

Engineering Products 2018

Engineering Products 2019

Braking Systems

Braking Systems 2017

Braking Systems 2018

Braking Systems 2019

Braking Systems 2020

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering 2017

Biomedical Engineering 2018

Biomedical Engineering 2019

Biomedical Engineering 2020

Year 12 HSC Module Materials

Civil Structures

Civil Structures – 20 February 2020 

Civil Structures – 21 February 2019

Civil Structures – 15 February 2018

Civil Structures – 16 February 2017

Civil Structures – 10 March 2015

Personal and Public Transport


Engineering Studies Syllabus 407 KB
The current Engineering Studies Syllabus