Pitsco T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm Kit


STEM Learning Activity: Pitsco T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm Kit

The T-Bot® II is a great project for illustrating hydraulic power and mechanics. See how syringes, tubes, and water work together to power the parts of this robotic arm. Each control moves one of the T-Bot II’s axes. The four controls can be used one at a time or all at once by a team of students – they can try basic manoeuvres or moving objects as a team-building exercise! This is a perfect exercise for an iSTEM class learning not only about hydraulics but also teamwork.

The T-Bot II can be used for a range of ages and educational concepts – from showing third graders how to work together to helping college students explore load and effort forces.

This unit requires the school to purchase a Pitsco T-Bot II available in Australia from Kookaburra Educational Resources


Students Learn About

  • fluid mechanics

Students Learn To

  • carry out experiments to demonstrate basic STEM principles
  • use models to demonstrate and describe Pascal’s Principle



T-Bot II Teachers Guide 3 MB
The T-Bot II Getting Started Teacher’s Guide contains both basic and advanced lesson plans. Basic lesson plans provide a more guided approach to instruction, while advanced lesson plans are more openended. All lesson plans can be used to extend students’ understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts using the T-Bot II. Resource materials are provided to supplement students’ understanding of core content. Resources include vocabulary, puzzles, assessments, and content fact sheets.
T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm Users Guide 708 KB
The T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm users guide contains information about hydraulics and guides the user through the construction of a single hydraulic arm.
T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm Class Pack Users Guide 439 KB
The T-Bot® II Class Pack is bulk-packed to save money. As such, teachers need to divide the class pack into 10 individual T-Bot II kits. To do this, follow the instructions in this document.
T-Bot II Used to Teach Algebra 351 KB
Learn how the students in Beatrice Villarreal's classroom at Somerset High School in Texas are using the T-Bot to learn Algebra


Building the hydraulic T-Bot® II can be quicker and easier! Staffer Nevin Jones will guide you through building the subcomponents, completing full assembly, and adding and filling the hydraulic system. Visit www.pitsco.com/T-bot-II-Hydraulic-Arm for more information.
Pick-and-place robotics is common in real-world robotics applications, and you can add it to your classroom with this T-Bot® II activity that adds the element of competition.
Students design and build a mechanical arm that lifts and moves an empty 12-ounce soda can using hydraulics for power. Small design teams (1-2 students each) design and build a single axis for use in the completed mechanical arm. One team designs and builds the grasping hand, another team the lifting arm, and a third team the rotation base. The three groups must work to communicate effectively through written and verbal communication and sketches.
Check out hydraulics in the real world. It can be found in many everyday applications that help us complete both simple and complex work.
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