Sample Program Year 9 iSTEM MGHS


Sample Program

The following iSTEM program was developed Dr Scott Sleap, lead developer of the iSTEM course, whilst he was a teacher at Maitland Grossmann High School in 2015. The program was designed around aspects of bloom’s taxonomy and had three levels.

  • Level 1 Pre-Knowing and Knowing, which is knowledge that all students are to experience during the course.
  • Level 2 Understanding and Applying, more able students are to develop a deeper understanding and to apply this knowledge to new experiences.
  • Level 3 Evaluation and Creating, are at the highest level of blooms. All students should be given the opportunity to create solutions to problems which is the major emphasis of this course.

Note: This program was written in 2015 and some of the material is out of date and the outcomes mentioned in the document do not 100% match to the latest version of the syllabus. 




Year 9 iSTEM Program Maitland Grossmann High School 679 KB
Year 9 iSTEM teaching and learning program developed by Maitland Grossmann High School in 2015.