P1 The Engineering Profession


Engineering Studies – P1 Fundamental Engineering – The Engineering Profession

This topic covers the specialised areas of engineering including the nature and range of work that engineers perform. Engineering research, documentation and communication, emerging trends in the engineering profession, the engineering design process and the importance of teamwork in engineering are key concepts in this topic.

Key Concepts

  • The specialised areas of engineering
  • The nature and range of work that engineers perform
  • Engineering research, documentation and communication
  • Emerging trends in the engineering profession
  • The engineering design process
  • Teamwork in engineering


Discussion Questions

  1. What are the traditional areas of engineering?
  2. Describe particular roles that an engineer typically performs and how particular skills might vary between engineering areas.
  3. Explain the benefits of teamwork and examples of teamwork.
  4. Explain the process an engineer might follow during the development of a particular project.
  5. What is engineering research? What data might an engineer collect when undertaking an investigation of an existing product?
  6. How might engineering data and results be presented?
  7. Why is technical communication important?


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