Pictorial Sketching – Australian Standards, isometric circles and freehand drawings


Engineering Studies – P2 Product Engineering – Graphics

This topic covers the importance of pictorial graphics, methods of freehand drawing pictorials and provides example techniques to construct technically accurate sketches.

Key Concepts

  • Graphical communication using pictorial representation
  • The importance of Australian Standards AS1100 for graphics
  • Applications of graphics
  • Drawing isometric circles

Discussion Questions

  1. What applications are there for pictorial drawings in product development?
  2. Describe various pictorial styles.
  3. Describe the process of drawing a circle as an isometric projection.
  4. Describe the process of ‘boxing’ shapes to construct a freehand pictorial.
  5. Why are CAD drawings often drawn while in a 3D view?



241 V2 - Isometric Circles
241 V3 - Isometric Wheels