Orthogonal Sketching


Engineering Studies – P2 Product Engineering – Graphics

This topic covers the purpose and importance of orthogonal graphics in engineering.  Dimensioning and AS1100 drawing standards are key concepts for this topic.

Key Concepts

  • Applications of orthogonal projection
  • AS1100 – dimensioning – linear, diameters, radii
  • Drawing electrical circuits and component symbols

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe orthogonal graphics applications in product development.
  2. Describe situations that freehand orthogonal drawing is useful?
  3. Why are AS1100 standards relevant when dimensioning an orthogonal view?
  4. Describe examples of AS1100 standards that apply to dimensioning.
  5. Name examples of geometric construction?
  6. Discuss the concept of drawing electrical circuits using AS1100 Standards.
  7. Explain why standard symbols are essential in communication.
  8. Describe situations where variation of symbol standards might be evident.