Work, Power and Energy in Braking Systems


Engineering Studies – P3 Braking Systems – Mechanical Analysis

This topic investigates the topic of work, power and energy. Concepts such as kinetic energy and potential energy are covered. The principle of ‘conservation of energy’ is a key concept.

Key Concepts

  • Work – definition, units
  • Power – definition, units
  • Energy – definition, units, types of energy, conservation of energy principle

Discussion Questions


  1. Define work.
  2. What is the unit for work?
  3. Explain the concept that without movement, no work is done.


  1. Define energy.
  2. What is the unit for energy?
  3. What is kinetic energy?
  4. What is potential energy?
  5. Explain the concept of ‘conservation of energy’.
  6. Explain why both energy and work have the same unit  (Nm, a Joule).


  1. Define power in relation to work.
  2. What is the unit for power?
  3. What is the relationship between power and energy?


Potential Energy with sample calculations