Cast Irons – Braking Systems


Engineering Studies – P3 Braking Systems – Materials and Manufacturing

This topic investigates the definition, structure and applications of cast irons. The effect that cast iron phases have on the properties are outlined.

Key Concepts

  • Defining Cast Iron
  • Engineering properties of cast iron
  • Macro and micro structures of cast iron

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe the manufacturing process of cast iron.
  2. Describe the applications of cast iron in braking systems.
  3. Describe the microstructures of cast irons.
  4. Describe the manufacturing process used to produce brake cylinders in cast iron.
  5. Discuss the similarities and differences between the structure of steel and cast iron for brake rotors.
  6. Discuss the properties of cast iron that make it preferable to steel in the production of brake rotors.
  7. What properties are required of a material to be used as a brake pad?
  8. Describe how composite brake pads/shoes are manufactured.