Testing Materials – Hardness and Tensile Strength


Engineering Studies – P3 Braking Systems – Materials and Manufacturing

This topic introduces methods of testing materials to determine properties. Hardness and tensile testing procedures and the interpretation of the test data are key concepts.

Key Concepts

  • Describe and conduct compression/tension testing of materials
  • Describe and conduct hardness testing of materials
  • Units used to measure
  • Relationship between load/extension during testing
  • Interpreting test data

Discussion Questions

  1. Define the engineering term hardness.
  2. Describe the engineering term tension.
  3. Describe the engineering term compression.
  4. List the testing machines often used to assess tensile strength.
  5. Describe the process how the data for a load/extension diagram is collected.
  6. Explain what material properties can be assessed by reading a load/extension diagram.
  7. List the testing machines often used to assess hardness.
  8. Describe the process of how the data from a hardness test is collected.
  9. Explain what units are used for hardness and how hardness test data is used.



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