Pictorial Drawing – techniques and exploded pictorial views


Engineering Studies – P3  Braking Systems – Graphics

This topic investigated pictorial drawing techniques and the applications of pictorial drawings.

Key Concepts

  • Advantages and disadvantages of pictorial views
  • Using pictorial drawing techniques to represent complex shapes
  • Exploded pictorial views

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the advantages of a pictorial drawing compared to an orthogonal drawing?
  2. Discuss why exploded pictorial views are used.
  3. Explain what rules apply when exploding parts of an assembly.



341 Graphics-Pictorial -EQA v1.0 1 MB
Sample questions and answers - Pictorial drawing
Pictorial Drawings – 2 MB
Contributions by Steve Cavanagh. Head Teacher Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) EAST HILLS BOYS HIGH SCHOOL