Stainless Steel and Biomaterials


Engineering Studies – P4 Biomedical Engineering – Materials and Manufacturing

This topic covers the alloys of stainless steel, their properties and applications in biomedical engineering.  Methods of shaping and joining stainless steel are discussed.

Key Concepts

  • Definition of stainless steel
  • Types of stainless steel
  • Applications of stainless steel
  • Processes to shape stainless steel

Discussion Questions

  1. What properties of stainless steel make it suitable for use in biomedical applications?
  2. Name applications where stainless steel is typically used.
  3. Describe the significant alloying elements of stainless steel.
  4. How would a stainless steel microstructure drawing differ from a mild steel microstructure drawing?
  5. What processes are used to shape stainless steel?



Stainless Steel
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