Polymers – Shaping and Joining


Engineering Studies – P4 Biomedical Engineering – Materials and Manufacturing

This topic introduces manufacturing methods used to shape polymer material and the ways that polymers can be joined.

Key Concepts

  • Methods of shaping polymer materials
  • Methods of joining polymers

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is the process used to shape a polymer dependent on the type of polymer?
  2. List ways to shape thermosetting polymers.
  3. List ways to join thermosetting polymers.
  4. List ways to shape thermosoftening polymers.
  5. List ways to join thermosoftening polymers.
  6. Describe examples of a biomedical application for a polymer that has significantly improved the performance of the item.
  7. What would be a notable difference between a microstructure drawing of a thermosetting polymer compared to the microstructure drawing of a thermosoftening polymer?


Basics of constructing a freehand isometric drawing
Blow Moulding - Mr A Fairbanks
Compression Moulding - Mr A Fairbanks
Extrusion - Mr A Fairbanks
Injection Moulding - Mr A Fairbanks