Bending Stress in Aircraft Frames


Engineering Studies – H3  Aeronautical Engineering – Mechanical Analysis

This topic reviews bending stress concepts and applies the concepts in aeronautical situations.

Key Concepts

  • Bending stress concepts including:
    • Point loading
    • Uniform distributed loads (UDL)
    • Bending moments diagrams
    • Second moment of area (I)
    • Conventions

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe the relationship between bending moment and bending stress.
  2. How are values for bending moments calculated at points along a loaded beam?
  3. What are the units of a bending moment?
  4. What is the sign convention for positive and negative moments?
  5. Why would a bending moment diagram be of use in analysing a beam?
  6. Explain the concept of the ‘neutral axis’.
  7. Describe what a ‘second moment of area’ value indicates.


722 V1 Bending Stress in aircraft Mr David Jackson