Aluminium Alloys – Aeronautical Applications


Engineering Studies – H3 Aeronautical Engineering – Materials and Manufacturing

This topic covers the types of aluminium alloys and their properties and applications in the aeronautical industry. Methods of modifying alloy properties is a key concept.

Key Concepts

  • Properties of aluminium alloys including:
    •  Al-Cu 4%,
    • Al-Si,
    • Al-Mg
  • Applications of aluminium alloys in aeronautical situations
  • Methods of property modification of aluminium alloys

Discussion Questions

  1. Define the properties and characteristics of cold rolled aluminium alloy sheet compared with cold rolled mild steel sheet.
  2. Describe the age hardening/precipitation hardening process and structure change.
  3. Why is precipitation hardening useful in aircraft manufacture?
  4. Describe a common method of shaping aluminium alloy for applications such as aircraft wing sections.
  5. Explain why there are many aluminium alloys used in aircraft?
  6. Describe the structure and properties of these aluminium alloys:
    • Al-Cu 4%,
    • Al-Si,
    • Al-Mg


Aluminium - The material that changed the world - Real Engineering - YouTube