Graphics – AS1100 standards, dimensioning, logic gates and circuit component symbols


Engineering Studies – H4 Telecommunication Engineering – Graphics

This topic covers Australian Standards required in technical communication. Key concepts include the standards for dimensioning, sectioning, and thread representation. Students review the standards for circuit drawing and component symbols, including logic gates.

Key Concepts

  • Circuit component symbols
  • Logic gate symbols
  • As1100 standards for:
    • Projection between views
    • Dimensioning lengths, radii, diameters, counterbores, countersinks
    • Sectioning full and half views with indication of cutting plane
    • Threads:
      • Internal
      • External
      • Assemblies and thread sectioning

Discussion Questions

  1. Why are drawing standards relevant in technical drawing?
  2. Why might different reference sources have different symbol standards?
  3. Are there any techniques to remember what each logic gate symbol is?
  4. When is sectioning of views used?
  5. Why are threads represented rather than drawn as seen in orthogonal views?
  6. Why is projection between orthogonal views essential?