Modulation and Demodulation


Engineering Studies – H4 Telecommunication – Electricity

This topic covers techniques used to modulate communication signals. The key concepts are amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation.

Key Concepts

  • Modulation concepts
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Frequency modulation
  • Phase modulation

Discussion Questions

  1. Define and explain why modulation is necessary in communication?
  2. What are the two major features of an electromagnetic wave?
  3. Name several types of modulation and explain the features of each type of modulation.
  4. Discuss the meanings of these terms:
    • Amplitude
    • Wavelength
    • Period
    • Frequency
    • Phase
    • Carrier wave
    • Modulation


V3 Amplitude Modulation
Modulation - EdEz - YouTube