Unguided Telecommunication Mediums


Engineering Studies – H4 Telecommunication Engineering – Electricity

This topic describes transmission of data using unguided media such as via the atmosphere and space. Advantages, disadvantages and applications are key concepts of this topic.

Key Concepts

  • Radio communication
  • Microwave communication
  • Satellite communication
  • Infrared communication

Discussion Questions

  1. Name several types of wireless networks.
  2. Explain the characteristics such as frequency, range and direction.
  3. Name examples of broadcasting a signal.
  4. Identify one broadcast that has a very directional signal.
  5. Define the term antenna.
  6. What communication typically uses microwaves?
  7. Discuss why there are various satellite orbit types.
  8. What application typically uses infrared waves?
  9. Explain what service features of a communication link would be considered when determining the ‘best’ signal system to use.


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