iSTEM Sample Assessment Tasks (SISP)


In this resource page we have a prepared a number of sample assessment tasks that have been successful used for the iSTEM syllabus. All materials provided below have been developed by the STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) program.



Year 9 iSTEM Engineering Fundamentals Task 207 KB
In this assessment task students are to reflect upon their own learning and create a major report based on the engineering problem solving undertaken.
Year 9 iSTEM E-Poster Activity 5 MB
In this activity students utilise the deep knowledge and understanding they have gained from the STEM Investigations unit to utilise the scientific method, collect and analyse data and communicate the results of their findings. The activity involves students utilising inquiry based learning strategies to apply appropriate design, production and evaluation skills to a contemporary problem based on energy.
Year 10 iSTEM Alternative Energy Task 6 MB
In this task students are required to complete two parts of an integrated Alternative Energy Project. Part A: STEM Report based on the growing needs of society for alternative energy generation and the increasing importance of alternative energy sources and the impact they may have on our lives, now and in the future. Part B: A practical task and written report based on the design, planning, testing and evaluation of a rapid prototyped wind turbine blades using new and emerging technologies. These tasks will provide students the opportunity develop skills and understanding of rapid prototyping techniques using 3D CAD and CAM and build upon their knowledge of different forms of alternative energy.
Year 10 iSTEM Electric Vehicle Task 520 KB
The Electric Vehicle competition is designed to drive both innovation in electric vehicle design and skills development. The competition rules lay an excellent foundation to engage young people in science, technology engineering and mathematics as well as project management and entrepreneurialism. Participants have opportunities to connect with and get assistance from experienced electric vehicle designers, builders and businesses.