The Electric Kombi Conversion Project – Topic 8: Car development, manufacture, testing and improvement


Kombi Unit

Inquiry question 8:

How can the properties of a material (e.g. cardboard) be harnessed or adapted to improve the efficiency of the Kombi vehicle?

6.4 Motion Calculations

Students Learn about:

  • velocity
  • acceleration
  • inertia
  • circular motion
  • momentum

Students learn to:

  • Apply mathematical and graphical methods to solve motion related problems involving velocity, acceleration, inertia, circular motion and momentum
  • Determine solutions to simple problems related to motion perform simple calculations related to momentum

6.5 Developing projects related to motion

Students learn to:

  • Apply problem solving techniques to identified problems related to motion
  • Plan, implement and evaluate a sequence of operations for the completion of a design project related to motion


Lessons 22, 23 & 24:

Teacher demonstration: showing the safest and most accurate method for creating the NET development of the cardboard template to create:

  • Chassis
  • Body

Note: The chassis must be able to accommodate electronic driving mechanism. It is intended that the body template is designed to fold up and to fit over the chassis.

Student Activity: Students to use a cardboard sheet to create a template and to make the vehicle.

Teacher demonstration: Cardboard performance characteristics. Teacher demonstrates areas of concern regarding cardboard performance.

  • Examples include: lamination of cardboard layers, or using glued timber ribs.
  • Could waterproof with wax, tape, examples from nature?

Class discussion: How could you improve the properties of the material?

Student Activity: Students to investigate ways to change the properties of cardboard and the design of the vehicle to make it stiffer, waterproof and more durable.



Marking out and cutting equipment

Could be drawn in CAD and cut out. Suggest only making body to fit on top of chassis. Maybe solar cells could sit on roof. See cardboard Kombi template attachments.
Example 1
Example 2

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