The Electric Kombi Conversion Project – Topic 9: Cardboard Kombi Testing and Evaluation


Kombi Unit

Inquiry question 9:

How can the processes of testing and evaluation enable more efficient and more effective, and functional designs?

6.5 Developing projects related to motion

Students learn to:

  • Apply problem solving techniques to identified problems related to motion
  • Plan, implement and evaluate a sequence of operations for the completion of a design project related to motion


Lessons 25, 26 & 27:

Teacher Demonstration and Discussion: Teacher models safe working procedures for the accurate cutting of cardboard. Teacher to discuss the booking and use of the test track.

Student activities:

  • Students to use available technology and safe cutting practices to cut out cardboard template.
  • Students to assemble prototype to prepare for preliminary testing.
  • Prototype testing.
  • Students to develop model and test on designated track.
  • Evaluation: Students to journal problems and opportunities for refinement.

Key Questions: Refer back to the Lesson 4 criteria. Does the design need to improve its performance? e.g., more aerodynamic? More efficient?


Ensure safety testing is completed.

Laser cutter or scalpels.

Resources: Equipment for assembly.

A decision on the distance and track would need to be made. This to be informed by criteria developed in lesson 4.

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