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Engineering Studies - H4 Telecommunications - Practical Activities 890 - This section contains classroom practical challenges that enhance the learning of engineering concepts. The challenges link to Engineering Studies outcome. Truss analysis Specialised test equipment Fibre optics Semiconductors Electromagnetic spectrum Modulation Data management/encryption/compression Digital logic
Engineering Studies - H1 Civil Engineering - The Engineering Profession 514 - This topic outlines the historical development of civil engineering. It uses Australian examples to highlight innovation and achievement. An understanding of the positive impacts that engineering has on people’s lives is a key concept for this topic.
Engineering Studies - H3 Aeronautical Engineering - The Engineering Profession 712 - This topic outlines historical development of aeronautics and the impacts those products have had on society. Innovation in materials and manufacturing are key concepts of this topic.
Over the past few years Engineers Australia has worked with Engineering Studies teachers in the Newcastle area to develop an understanding of the needs of these teachers in the effective delivery of the Engineering Studies curriculum. We created a pilot program where we hosted a seminar/workshop/networking style forum in weeks 3 and 7 of each term that focuses on modules in […]
These resources generally apply to several topics in the engineering studies course.

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